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Who We Are

Pretty Much People is an Employee Relations and Human Resources provider. It is a level 4 BEE certified entity which entitles any client doing business with it to claim 100% of its spend towards its procurement scorecard for BEE purposes. The organisation was established in 2000 by Andrew Butters who presented an Employee Relations and Human Resources outsourcing function to a handful of small and medium-sized enterprises who needed some ER and HR assistance and professional expertise.

Since that time Pretty Much People has grown to look after over 35 clients on retained relationships and contracts and boasts a further client base of over 150 clients of all sizes across all industries in South Africa and Africa. Pretty Much People has successfully conducted and chaired over 4 500 disciplinary hearings, successfully defended and won in excess of 200 labour related arbitrations, performed in excess of 50 Human Resources outsources and delivered in excess of over 75 Human Resources projects since its inception.

The founding member, Andrew, holds a post graduate qualification in Industrial and Organisational Psychology and is a consultant, author, facilitator and speaker with 30 years of professional expertise in a truly global context, having delivered projects and services in South Africa, 48 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. He is a mentor at the SA Board for People Practices, a part-time organiser at an employers organisation, and a registered Psychometrist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. He published his latest book titled Eating from the Same Plate: 10 Steps to Handling and Resolving Conflict in 2016. Andrew is supported by a great team of consultants at Pretty Much People each of whom have established and proven professional track records in their own rights.

Our Team


Andrew Butters

Founder and Principal Consultant


Debbie Butters



Suzette van den Berg

Office and Recruitment Specialist


Pieter Myburgh

Senior ER and HR Consultant


Steven da Costa

ER and HR Consultant

We Assist

Any client who wants to build a healthy, high performing organisation or a client who requires a professional human resources and employee relations advice and implementation

Employee Relations

Inclusive but not limited to chairing disciplinary hearings, facilitating grievance hearings and resolving workplace conflict are designed to bring organisational healing™ by resolving employee-related and employee relations problems in employers in a legally compliant, prompt and professional manner.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources solutions and services are designed to ensure that organisations remain healthy by ensuring that valuable and skilled human resources are attracted and retained to ensure that the organisation operates optimally

How we Work

Our services can be tailored for
each of our client’s individual needs.

Delivery of any services or projects by Pretty Much People is customised to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients to ensure optimal satisfaction for the client.  In delivering any work to clients, there is an option of working with us on any of a number of models, including the following:

Fixed monthly retainer

We assist with setting up a retainer for a defined period of time

HR project

We can assist with HR projects that are quoted on a fixed price basis for the work to be done

Ad hoc

Where a client has intermittent needs for HR/ER support or advice and where payment is made by the client for any work done by the Company.

Our Values

We have many standards that we uphold.

Business Partnership

We strive to understand clients’ businesses and how we should please them.

Clients, you will know that it is all about you!


We deliver and meet your needs when you require them to be delivered.

Clients, you will know that it is all about you!


We deliver our services such that our service delivery and the costs are transparent.

Clients, you will know exactly how the service will be delivered and at what exact cost.


We respect each client’s uniqueness and deliver solutions custom-made just for them.

Clients, you will know that the solutions are just for you and your environment.


We deliver our services to a consistently professional and high standard.

Clients, you will know that you are receiving a service that you can trust and rely upon.