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Our Services

From outsourcing to competence profiling,
we can assist with all your human resource needs

  • Chairing disciplinary and grievance hearings
  • Drafting Employee Relations related policies and procedures
  • Representing clients in labour disputes at the CCMA, bargaining councils, statutory councils
  • Resolving workplace conflict
  • Advising and determining Employee Relations strategy for organisations
  • Interacting and negotiating with trade unions
  • Handling wage/salary negotiations
  • Negotiating of collective bargaining agreements
  • Presenting of Employee Relations training interventions
  • Compiling employee manuals and procedures
  • Managing the HR requirements of organisations who do not have in-house HR departments or expertise on an outsourced basis
  • Managing the HR requirements of organisations who have in-house HR departments on an outsourced basis so as to complement the internal HR function and to assist with additional workload and projects
  • Analyzing all aspects of job requirements
  • Documenting and profiling of job descriptions and role profiles
  • Setting performance indicators for jobs
  • Establishing competence profiles linked to specific positions and jobs
  • Determining performance outputs
  • Setting performance outputs for positions within the organisation
  • Advising on and documenting performance agreements
  • Compiling integrated performance management strategies and systems
  • Writing performance management policies
  • Linking performance management tools and systems to other functions within the organisation such as remuneration, incentives and business strategy
  • Presenting of customized training courses in the following main areas, among others
  • Employee Relations Programmes such as How to Chair and Initiate Disciplinary Hearings, The Various Laws and Acts and Legislative Updates as and When they occur
  • Management Training
  • Supervisory Training
  • Soft Skills Programs such as Personal Branding, Self Management, Communication and the likes
  • Analyzing the internal remuneration structures of organisations
  • Compiling reward and remuneration policies and strategies
  • Conducting job evaluations on positions within the organisations
  • Determining pay ranges
  • Developing pay structures
  • Advising on fringe benefit structures
  • Advising on and developing incentive schemes
  • Handling of search assignments
  • Advertising for vacancies
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Response handling for advertisements on behalf of clients
  • New recruitment engagement and integration into the organisation
  • Headhunting