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pmp front1Pretty Much People is an Employee Relations and Human Resources consultancy which was established in the year 2000. Based in Gauteng, South Africa, the Company has become the Employee Relations and Human Resources outsource partner of choice for organisations who require professional and timely Employee Relations and Human Resources advice or support, irrespective of their size or their locality on the African continent.

Just like the human body struggles to operate at its peak and gets ill when its immune system cannot combat the bad bacteria, parasites, viruses or fungi that enter it, organisations do not operate optimally when they have employees who are not able to adhere to the rules of the Company or follow the vision of its managers. Pretty Much People, with its team of skillful and qualified consultants, acts as a catalyst of organisational healing ™ and helps to build healthy organisations by facilitating the correct and compliant correction and disciplining of staff members and the prompt, legal and compliant termination of employees, where this may be justified, as well as the efficient resolution of workplace and labour disputes. It also advises employers on suitable Human Resources initiatives, strategies and interventions that assist employers to be able to retain the necessary skills they require to be able to meet their strategies, targets, budgets and organisational objectives. Read more

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Employee Relations
Handling of dispute resolution interventions and meetings...
Human Resources Outsourcing
Delivering of managed HR solutions on an outsourced basis to employers...
Job and Competence profiling
Job analysis is the cornerstone of Human Resources interventions...
Learning and Development
We present fresh contemporary and fun tailor made learning events
Performance Improvement
Design performance management tools, systems and procedures to assist in the measurement and monitoring of employee performance...
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  • Customer Driven and Focused – Because all solutions and service delivery is focused on the customer...
  • Business Partnerships – Because we strive to understand your business...
  • Integrity – Because there are no hidden costs in pricing and how the service is delivered.
  • Responsiveness – Because we deliver and meet your needs when you require them to be delivered...
  • Innovation – Because customers have unique needs...
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cliffcentralicoAndrew appeared as a guest on the SME section of the Leadership Platform show on Cliff Central Radio on 13 February 2017.  He shared some thoughts on his company, entrepeneurship and conflict and his latest book

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cliffcentralicoAndrew was invited as a guest on the Business Slot of the Leadership Platform Show on CliffCentral.com and this is the podcast from 6 April 2015 with the topic being “Performance Management for Small Business Owners”.

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